How 6 Letters Saved Our Marriage From Broken Trust, Bankruptcy, Never Being Intimate And Even A Baby With Another Woman

Discover the secret that transformed our broken relationship into that crazy in love couple who enjoys mutual trust, respect, true friendship, and amazing intimacy, and how it can do the same for you. (Even if you are the only one trying!)

"Do you still love me?"

My was voice cracking as I nervously weaved back and forth in my chair.

I had just taken a long deep pained-breath, set my heart out on the table, and bared my deepest longings to reconnect.

She just stared at her hands without any sign of emotion.

Only indifference.

After a pause that seemed like an eternity, I thought she was going to say something, but then her gaze would slowly drop again.

Finally, she looked up and in a soft flat voice said,

“I’m tired. I think I might go visit my family.”

The truth is I think I might have preferred that she got angry and said,

“I hate you. And I’m miserable in this marriage.”

There is a soul-crushing, hopeless emptiness that develops in your stomach when you love someone who doesn’t seem to love you back anymore.

And the worst part is, you can’t understand how that’s even possible.

You just want to scream through the tears,

“Don’t you feel anything? How does everything we’ve been through now count for nothing?”

It's like they've become another person. And the worst part is you can remember the person they used to be.

You try everything

You tell them you love them.

You vow to change and become who they want you to be (even though you aren’t really sure who that is.)

You apologize again and again for the mistakes you’ve made.

You promise you’ll never hurt them again. But nothing seems to get through.

It feels like your whole world is slipping through your fingers.

Looking back now,  I should’ve seen it coming.

I should’ve known by the look on her face that night three years earlier.

It was one of those relationship-defining moments.

You know, those moments when everything changes forever.  

The moments that become reference points for the rest of our lives, where we can easily separate the before and after. 

For Kayti and I, it was December 14, 2001.

That was the night I crushed her spirit.

It was the night I held my new baby girl for the first time, yet, while I adored my precious baby girl,

my wife sat across from me humiliated and demoralized.

The thing is Kayti wasn't the mother of my child, and we were sitting in another woman's home!

I’ll never forget the look at her face.

It wasn’t sadness. We were beyond that. It was something else.

It was something more like despair.

Something like that numbness that lingers when there are no more tears left to cry.

We hadn’t been married that long.  But now the joys of our fairy-tell wedding, and the plans we had now seemed like a dream forgotten. I could still remember her sweet smile as she looked up at me through her wedding veil, with more love and adoration than I had ever known from a woman.

She pledged her life to me that day.

She pledged her love and her dreams of starting a family to me. 

She wanted a baby more than anything. And God knows we tried. We tried fertility treatments, home remedies, crazy positions. You name it and we had tried it.

Then we got pregnant…

only to suffer a  miscarriage.

We were heartbroken.

Now here we were, and I was holding my precious baby girl in my arms…

and my wife was sitting across the room, eyes dull and lifeless,

yet every once in a while smiling politely as if desperately trying to mask the humiliation.

After that night, we tried to move on. I got visitation of my daughter.

Kayti did her best. She helped take care of her. 

Even so, you could still see the brokenness in Kayti’s face longing for a child of her own.

For a while it seemed like we were doing OK. We had children together, and a successful business.  

But when you go through such gut-wrenching soul-killing emotional trauma, the pain takes root, and  bitterness grows like a cancer that you don’t even know is there.

And so, we just grew apart until it was like we were just roommates. We hardly ever spoke. When we did, it was just “business”.

We almost never intimate.

We were headed straight for divorce.

Imagine a couple driving down a winding mountain road and their brakes go out.

The car is picking up speed as the driver frantically struggles to keep it on the road, a curve becomes too tight and they lose control.

When the car finally comes to a stop, it’s resting dangerously halfway off a cliff.

Teetering back-and-forth as if it could fall at any moment.

The driver sits there motionless because he knows one wrong move could send them to their death.

Their future hangs by a thread with everything hinging on what he does now.

That’s what it felt like that night when I asked her if she loved me. I felt helpless

I was terrified that we were one step away from having to tell my family 


It was the worst moment of our lives, but it was also the best.

(And I know that sounds weird, but you will understand when I tell you the rest of the story.)

Because it was the hopeless despair I felt that night that was the reason I accidentally discovered 

The Secret That Saved Our Marriage

Need Proof?

Here’s a message my wife posted on Facebook on 10/20/2017 on our 16th wedding anniversary.

I am going to tell you the rest of the story, and about how things got worse before I discovered the secret that saved our marriage,

but first I want to tell you why I am sharing such intimate details with you now.

Hi, I’m Dustin and that pretty girl in the photo with me is my wife, Kayti.

This is the first time we have shared our painful story with anyone. Family and friends know bits and pieces, but not the whole story.

And I assure you, until now, NO ONE has ever seen some of these photos. I am sure you can imagine why we would be hesitant.

So, Why Am I Telling Our Story Now?

Because I know what you are going through. And because a friend recently shared with me how her marriage was falling apart. She had been served with divorce papers and her husband said he just wasn’t “in love” with her anymore.

She felt like she was sinking into a dark tunnel, and couldn’t find her way out.

I wanted to help. But all I found were books and courses from relationship experts and marriage counselors, many of which had never even been married.

Here’s the thing. They were all teaching the same thing. And yet I read somewhere that divorce rates are about 50%. Divorce rates for second marriages are even higher.

So, either the the statistics are wrong, or the “experts” are wrong!

It can make you want to give up. Don’t give up.

If this can work for Kayti and I, it can also work for you to save your marriage. ​

After you hear the rest of our story, you’ll know in your heart that this is what you’ve been looking for.

You’ll know that the same secret that saved our marriage can work for you too.

OK. Now, back to the story.

You see, things got worse before they got better. And on top of everything else, Kayti fell into a deep


She almost never got out of bed.

I can still remember what it felt like lying in bed at night in our king-size bed. Lying on my side facing away from each other, and wanting so bad to turn over and try and talk or kiss her and tell her that I love her.

But I didn’t know what to say.

And more than anything I was terrified of what her response might be. I wasn’t really worried about her getting angry. In someways, it would have been a relief if she got angry.

At least some emotion would have given me something.

Indifference is so much worse. It rips your heart into pieces.

You look them in the eyes and you can’t stop thinking, “Where are you? Don’t you know who I am anymore, because I don’t know who you are?

But you don’t.

You're lying in bed with a stranger, and minutes turn into days, and days into weeks, and weeks into years, until you’re just going through the motions.

You’re living in a relationship that is cold and dead. And it’s weird, because you used to be so happy and in love.

And you’re living together and you look the same, but you’re not.

All that is left are broken memories of what once was, like picture frames that have been knocked to the floor and shattered.

You can still see the memory, but

it’s like you are looking through broken glass.

A constant reminder of something you wish you could forget,

and at the same time you would give anything to get back.

It wasn’t until that night at the dinner table that I realized our marriage was in real trouble. I couldn’t sleep that night.

I cried so hard my chest hurt, my head was pounding, and all my strength was gone, until I just sat there in silence;


Here it was 2 o’clock in the morning, and I was had given up.

But I wanted to remember, if only for a moment, who we used to be.

And so I pulled some boxes down from the attic trying to find the video of our wedding. But it was something else I found in an old partially crushed cardboard box that changed everything for us.

Inside that box, buried beneath a stack of old books and magazines,

I found a bundle of hand-written love letters from the 1940's between my grandparents.

The Secret That Saved Our Marriage

Had Been There All Along Buried In A Bundle Of Love Letters I Found By Accident

What I learned that night literally transformed our relationship and saved our marriage. And now, even after 20 years of marriage, and everything we have been through,

We are still CRAZY about each other. Today our marriage is filled with


Yes, I did say chaos. We have 4 children together, (Dustin has 5 children), 3 dogs, and 1 cat. 

We often refer to our lives as
"A Whole Lotta Crazy"

It has been a crazy ride so far.

Our lives didn’t get any easier after that. Things just got more complicated.

Isn’t that the real test of the marriage saving secret we learned?

We went through an exhausting and traumatizing family court battle regarding my daughter.

We were sued by business partners costing tens of thousands of dollars.

We went bankrupt. Twice.

We lost everything including our home and cars.

And yet, here we are.

And my first born daughter..We love her. I love her. She has grown into a beautiful, strong young woman.

Stronger, Happier, And
More In Love Than Ever!

Looking back now, I still can’t believe it all started with those love-letters I found in our attic.

We sometimes just laugh at how crazy it is, all we have been through, and how crazy happy we are together.

For years friends would ask us what our secret was, and we would just blow it off. Usually, we would make a joke or something. We never considered putting together a program to help other people who are struggling to save their marriages and relationships.

We just never really thought about it.

Not until that night

the night Ben came knocking at the door at 2 am in the morning.

You could tell he’d been crying.

"She's leaving me."

His voice was shaky and raspy from pleading. Crying.

Begging his wife to stay.

As he paced back and forth, rubbing his upper arms, and painfully staring into nowhere, he said she sprang the news on him right out of nowhere. He said it felt like being punched in the gut.

After 7 years of marriage and without warning, she just told him the news. She said she wasn’t happy.

She said,

"I love you, but..
I'm not in-love with you

My heart sank. He said he could see now that the signs had been there for years. Looking back he could see it now. We cried together.

I didn’t go back to sleep that night. That is when I decided I had to do something. I had to share what I’ve learned.

Right then and there,

Kayti and I made the decision that we had to share what we had learned with the world.

We both knew the principles we learned in those love letters not only saved our marriage from divorce, but also helped us to stay in love all these years and maintain a happy marriage and relationship.

But here’s the thing. I knew that what I learned from my grandparents worked for us. But had to find out if other people knew about this also. I guess I wanted something that would validate what I had learned and why it worked so well.

And so every day after work, I stayed up into all hours of the night drinking coffee and reading everything I could about love and relationships and marriage.

I bought courses from the top relationship gurus and marriage coaches. But it seemed like so much of what I found was just the same old information regurgitated over and over.

I read books on what makes a happy marriage and how to save your marriage. I also scoured the Internet night after night reading stories about couples who had been married for 30, 40, and even 50 years or more.

As I read these beautiful stories, I started seeing a familiar connection between the things they said and did and what I learned from my grandparents

It gave me chills because this gave me the inspiration and the validation, I needed that my grandparents really did know something about marriage and how to keep the love alive (even if they didn’t know why).

At some point in my research, I stumbled across a

Harvard Medical School Research Study into the neurochemistry of love...

I learned that this euphoria that we experience when we are in love can be explained by the neurochemistry of the brain. When we meet someone new and fall in love it stimulates a cocktail of chemicals in our brain. These include dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.

I could see so clearly now.

This explained how and why what I had learned from my grandparents worked so well to save our marriage,

and to help us stay happy, and crazy in love all these years.

I was fascinated and I wanted to learn more.

And so I searched the Internet to see what else I could find on the subject. I found an article called “Love and the Brain” by Richard Schwartz and Jacqueline Olds, two Harvard Medical School professors and couples therapist who had done a research study on how love evolves and how it collapses.

I learned that the stages of romantic love are closely linked with the neurochemistry of the brain.

This explained why it’s different when we first meet someone. It also explains what happens when love grows cold,

but, here is the really exciting part…

The science actually supports that

It is possible to reactivate those love chemicals and make someone fall in love with you again.

All of this explained why what I learned from my grandparents worked so well in saving our marriage and helping us keep the love alive.

It’s crazy when you think about it. My grandparents knew more about love and romantic relationships than they even realized. 

They knew how to make it work even if they didn’t know why it worked.

Kayti and I are proof that this stuff works,

And we never doubted it, but after we discovered the science behind it, we were blown away.

Everything made perfect sense now.

And so, after spending the last five years putting all the pieces together, Kayti and I are finally ready to share these secrets with the world.


The Shmily Effect Marriage Reset Intensive is a neuroscience-based marriage restoration program that works by pushing the reset button on your relationship to reawaken the love and reignite the passion you once had. 

(And it works even if you are the only one trying.)

*This product is digital. The image is for visualization only.

The Marriage Reset Intensive has been painstakingly and deliberately established upon the same principles that saved our marriage and has allowed us to stay happily married all these years.

This is NOT a bunch of random “relationship theories” dreamed up by people who have never been there. Thid program takes you step-by-step showing you exactly what to do to Rescue, Restore, and Revive your marriage.

But listen, we know that you don’t have time to dig through all of the research and risk the future of your family on “theories” or “what if” scenarios.

That is why we created this program to a step-by-step done-for-you system (as much as it can be).

The Marriage Reset Intensive is an online course you can work through at your convenience from any PC, tablet, or mobile phone.  Lesson modules include video lessons, text lessons for those who prefer to read, workbooks and assignments, and downloadable MP3 audio files so that you can listen on the go.

As you complete the assignments and exercises you will be creating your own custom plan for implementing these strategies in your own marriage.

This Program Does NOT Involve Any Of The Following

Convincing your spouse to do the program.

You won't need your spouse or partner to cooperate in any way if they do not want to. Even though many couples work through this program together, we believe it is one of the most effective programs for those who are trying to save their marriage on their own.

Uncomfortable Exercises or Awkward Conversations that don't work.

You can save that for your therapist. This isn't therapy, and it doesn't involve talking with your spouse about a relationship at all until they are ready and they initiate conversation.

Relationship Cliches that sound good, but don't work.

This is a rational, intelligent, neuroscience-based approach. You will learn how the connection between the brain chemistry of love and our most basic human needs can be used to literally hit the reset button and restore the love you once had.

The Shmily Effect Marriage Reset Intensive Is Not Like Any Other Program You've Ever Seen

Because It Was Created By A Real Couple For Real Couples Just Like You

Kayti and I have been there.

We have sat on that cliff teetering back and forth…

And we didn’t know what to do

All we knew was that the relationship coaches and marriage gurus were all saying about the same thing and it wasn’t working.

And so when we created this program…

We made a commitment that we would do this as if our own family depended on it.

We would NOT give people some shoddy half-baked program when the truth about how to have a passionate happy marriage for life had been right there waiting for us all along.

OK, we are not naïve. We know that some relationships can be saved. We know some marriages can’t be saved. But we have to try. We’ve also seen the devastation that can occur when relationships fall apart and marriages end in divorce.

We’ve seen what happens to the children and extended family.

That is why we vowed that we would create something that would give people their best shot at saving your marriage.

And that is The Shmily Effect Marriage Reset Intensive

Here's A Small Sample Of What You Will Learn

What I Learned From A Bundle of Love Letters From The 1940s That Saved Our Marriage And Can Do The Same For You

Discover the simple secret that transformed our broken marriage into that crazy in love couple who enjoys open communication, mutual respect, real friendship, and true intimacy. You will learn exactly how to apply the same secrets to your own marriage.

Five Mistakes That Destroy Your Chances Of Saving Your Marriage

(And How To Avoid Them)

What is so dangerous about these five mistakes is that they are things you are probably doing right now to try to save your relationship, but can end up having the exact opposite effect.

99% of the people we talk to are making at least three of these mistakes.

If all you did was stop doing these things it would dramatically increase your chance of restoring your relationship.

How To Restore The Foundation Of Your Marriage

If you’re like most couples, you’ve tried most of the relationship advice online. The problem is many of those strategies are only surface level. They are a lot like putting a fresh coat of paint on a floor that’s rotting. If it doesn’t restore the foundation, it will eventually fall apart again like fireworks that light up the sky only to quickly fizzle out.

You will learn how to restore the foundation of your relationship and things back to how it used to be. And you can do it without “talking” about it or awkward role-playing exercises or anything like that.

How To Push The Reset Button On Your Marriage To Reignite The Love You Once Had

You will be surprised when you realize how simple it is to reignite the flame that sparked your love in the beginning.

The Shmily Effect is a lot like pushing the reset button on your relationship to restore the love you once had.  You will be delighted to learn that it works even if your you’re the only one who wants to save your marriage.

Access the same scientific research into the neurochemistry of love and learn how to use the

Chemistry of Love

to rekindle the flame again and keep the love alive all these years.

(Don’t worry. It’s not complicated.)

You will discover exactly what to do to help reactivate that love cocktail again in the brain reigniting the flames of your first love.

How To Make Them Fall In Love With You All Over Again Just Like When You First Met!​

You’ll be delighted and shocked at how quickly the Shmily Effect can rekindle the spark and bring the romance back even better than it used to be.

The Relationship Recovery Benchmark Equation

When your marriage is in trouble, it can be overwhelming and debilitating. Everyone else seems to have “advice”. The scary thing is “rocky” relationships can be a lot like a car teetering on the edge of the cliff. Make one wrong move, and it can be impossible for things to ever be how they used to be.

So, how can you know for sure?

(By asking yourself two simple questions you’ll always know in your heart what to do and how to avoid mistakes that could sabotage your relationship.)

Dustin & Kayti's Secret To

Building An Affair Proof, Crazy in Love, Happy Marriage for Life

After reading the stories of hundreds of couples who had been happily married for 30, 40, or even 50 years, Dustin noticed they all had something in common. It is a way of looking at your relationship. The shocking thing is that it’s the exact opposite of how most people look at their relationships. It’s a key component to an affair-proof, happy marriage for life.

And much more!

Here Is What Heather B. Had To Say About The Marriage Reset Intensive Program

I have gone through counseling with a former spouse and this is different, more real. There are real life examples my husband and I can totally relate to. This would honestly be great for all married couples, struggling or not. At some point in a relationship there are bound to be communication problems, this would be a great way to avoid so many common pitfalls that we can find ourselves in. 

I like this because even if my spouse didn’t want to commit to the training, there is so much I can apply to my own behavior. 

Listening to Dustin and Kayti’s examples made me aware of numerous things I was doing without even being aware I was doing it, so I can actually see what was causing some of my husband’s responses. This is a great investment in any marriage.

Heather B.


You Will Also Learn

Here Is What Mike and Cris Had To Say About The Marriage Reset Intensive Program

Mike and Cris


So, How Do You Get Started?

Kayti and I realize that investing in a program like this can be scary. We get it. And the truth is we agonized over what to charge for this program.

And I’d be lying if I said we didn’t have a few married “spats” over the issue. 

I wanted to make sure that we charged enough so that we could pour our heart and souls into helping each and every student save their marriage.

I just wanted to make sure that we were able to focus on the people who are just as committed to saving their marriages as we are. I was afraid that if we made it too cheap people would buy it who were not serious about doing the work.

When you consider the average cost of divorce ($15,000), marriage counseling ($70-250 per session), not to mention and what is really at stake this would be a bargain …even at $497.

After a lot of discussion, Kayti and I finally agreed to offer the Marriage Reset Intensive for only $67 on one-condition. (I’ll come back to that.)

What this means for you is that if you act right now you won’t have to pay $497.

You won’t even pay $197 (even though it would be a steal at that price.)d so, to make a long story short, Kayti and I decided to offer the complete Marriage Reset Intensive program for the discounted price of only $67.00

(on one-condition if you act now!)

*This product is digital. The image is for visualization only.

The one condition we have for giving you access to this full program for only $67 is that you are as serious about saving your marriage as we are, and that you show up and do the work.

And this is so that… 

whatever happens, no one not even your children will be able to say that you didn’t do everything you could to fight for your marriage.

and all you have to do to get this incredible discount and get started is to click the button below right now.

Just $67!

Is This Right For You?

This Is Perfect For You If ...

This Is NOT For You If ...

Don't wait. Lock In Your Discount Now

Here’s the thing.

I’m still convinced that after we allow a small number of people to try it for this crazy low price that we may need to TRIPLE the price in order to make the numbers work.

Honestly, I can’t imagine how anyone would pass this up. But because we want to take away every possible obstacle that might get in the way between you taking action now to start saving your marriage and your family…

Kayti and I are going to back everything up with an incredible ...

60 Day, No Hassle, No-Questions-Asked Satisfaction Guarantee

This program has the power to rescue, restore, and revive any relationship. It has the power to save your marriage. It is the advice and guidance we would give to our own children they were struggling in their own marriages. And so it is because we believe in this program, and because we care so much about saving families that we want to remove every barrier for you to make the decision and decide to work with us today.

As I’ve said, no one can guarantee that your marriage can be saved. We are confident that if you show up, watch the material, and do the work and give it everything you have that this is the program that can change everything for you. We are willing to back that up with a 60 day money back, risk-free guarantee.

Here is how it works.

If at any time within the 60 Day return period you feel dissatisfied with your purchase, contact us and we will gladly refund 100% of the purchase price.   


Get Started Saving Your Marriage Now

*This product is digital. The image is for visualization only.

Get All This For Only $67.00

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